A few of my projects!

Sarcasm Detector

This machine learning model to detect sarcasm in text and audio speech, addressing the challenge of interpreting nuanced communication in digital platforms. Developed with two others, I focus on the text classification modality of the project.

Skills:Python, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Blog Application

A full stack blog application that allows users to create, edit, and delete blog posts. It also allows users to create accounts and login to view their own posts.

Skills:React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

Tidbit: A Study App

Tidbit is a studying/productivity app that allows users to keep track of their studying habits. It lets users set timers and todo items to receive collectable food items!

Skills:Android Studio, Java, Google OAuth2

Memory Manager

A custom Memory Manager application, designed to initialize, track, allocate, and deallocate sections of memory. It integrates into a console program, and it aims to enhance security by logging its state when closed.

Skills:C++, Operating Systems


Pianomania is a simple piano player application with features including piano and xylophone simulators, as well as personalization options (ie. theme color and light mode).

Skills:Android Studio, Java


ProDOGtivity is a desktop pet application that helps student with schedule-management and staying productive. With Canvas API integration, students can stay on top of their assignments and deadlines. Developed with a small team, I focused on the creating the interface of the app and integrating it with the backend code other members wrote.

Skills:Python, Canvas API, MongoDB, Tkinter library